Romantic Poetry Key Themes

Nurse’s Song by William Blake
– happiness
– playing in nature
– child wins in end

The Chimney Sweeper by William Blake
– anti-industrialization
– “because I was happy in the winter snow” – happiest when being a kid
– “sweep” – can’t pronounce weep, so young
– slap at organized religion

The Garden of Love by William Blake
– dig on christian church
– church takes away our joy and freedom
– church closes people out and is confining
– getting rid of nature

We are Seven by William Wordsworth
– children -> wise and innocent (wins argument)
– nature and death

Lines by William Wordsworth
– nature restores people
– difference between city and nature
– emotions
– connection with nature

Lucy Gray by William Wordsworth
– nature unpredictable, brutal and destructive

She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways by William Wordsworth
– death (nature)
– emotion (love)
– uses nature in describing her

My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold by William Wordsworth
– children (respects childhood innocence and amusement)

The World is too Much with us: Late and Soon By William Wordsworth
– mythology (ancients had the right idea)
– nature (appreciating nature, we need to be more in touch with nature)

When we two parted by Lord Byron
– emotion (sadness)
– nature (foretelling breakup and mirrors emotion)

She Walks in Beauty
– nature (sky used to describe beauty)
– emotion (love)

Ozymandias By Shelley
– nature (responsible for decay, nothing in size compared to desert)

Ode to the West Wind by Shelley
identify it: destroyer and preserver, colors, azure
– nature
– cycle of life

Ode to a Nightingale by Keats
identify: hemlock, tired sounding, depressing, drinking, references to a bird, flying
– emotion
– death and the cycle of life (nature)

Kubla Kahn by Coleridge
identify: chasm, cave, dome, cavern, sounds like he is high
– references “measureless” – shows that nature is greater than man because math and science fail in this situation

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