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Free Verse Poetry
A poem where you can write without following a rhyme or form.

Example of Free Verse Poetry
The snow gives the trees a coat
A coat over their trunks
And places mittens on the branches
But they won’t need them for much longer
The sun will say they’ve had them for too long
And will take them away the next day.

A Japanese style of poem that has 17 syllables, in 3 lines of 5, 7, and 5.

Example of Haiku Poem
Bright-colored songbird
Singing to me so sweetly
Blissful for the sun.

Funny poems that have five lines with rhyming.

Example of Limerick
There once was a grumpy giraffe
Who hadn’t chuckled since he was a calf
But one morn a bunny
Said a joke that was quite funny,
So he finally relished a good laugh.

A poem that follows a pattern.
This pattern is:
Line 1 = 2 syllables
Line 2 = 4 syllables describing the subject.
Line 3 = 6 syllables telling about the subject.
Line 4 = 8 syllables about the subject.
Line 5 = 2 syllable synonym for the subject.

Example of Cinquain
Intensely warm
Sand dunes sway daily
To escape the sun, but at night

Who was known for writing Cinquain Poetry?
William Shakespeare

What country did Haikus come from?

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