ch 5

a capella
without instrumentals acompaniment

in close succession and usually at different pitch level
of a melody by another voice or voices within a contrapuntal texture

Joaquin des prex
Composer of “ave Maria”
most influential composer
member of choir at court of duke galaezzo maria sforza in million 1474
went to rome worked in cardinal ascent sforza
singed in papal choir
demeaned higher pay

Giovanni Pierluigi da palestrina
distinguished Joaquin;s successor
greater part of life as choir master if st.peters in rome
great contributions was to return church music to simplicity and purity
lived and worked counter reformation

Counter reformation
Catholic reformation

Council of trent
Series of meetings of leaders of the roman catholic church (1545-1563)
discuss church reforms following the reformation
decisions generated the counter reformation

italian renaissance secular musical genre with sentimental or erotic poetry

Word painting
is technique in written to represent the literal meaning of the text

Sight sing
sing by musical notations instead of memorizing the music in advance

sampled version of the madrigal

John Farmer
composed “fair phyliss”

modified the motet style with strong accented rhythms, frequent repetitions, and short phrases ending simultaneously in all parts.


sacred songs

lute song
Song accompanied by the lute was a popular form of entertainment during the Renaissance.

John Dowland
english lute composer who served in the court of denmark
most famous songs: flow my tears

to transcribe

a type of composition in which the composer
lets imagination prevail over the rules of a set of musical form

Micheal praetorius
a german composer

added to or changed notes of the melody

Ave maria
Josquin des prez
Polyphonic and homophonic
Four voices
Duple, with one section in triple meter
sung in a cathedral or a monastery, but not as part of the Mass service.


Fair phyllis
John farmer
english madrigal
Mostly polyphonic with a homophonic ending
Four voices
Duple meter
sung in an aristocratic English home, after dinner, with the singers still sitting around the table, reading music from madrigal books.

Flow my tears
John dowland
Lute song
Strophic (all verses sung to the same, or close to the same, melody)
Tenor voice and lute
Duple meter
secular composition that might have been performed by an individual both singing and playing, or by two people, one singing and the other playing the lute.
performed in an aristocratic home, but it could also have been performed by professional musicians in public, perhaps before a play or other type of entertainment.

three dances from terpsichore
Micheal Praetorius
Dance music
Four melodic instrumental lines plus percussion
These dances might have been performed by the family and guests at an aristocratic home or a court with professional musicians playing the music.

What do franco-flemish composers emphasize in their polyphonic style

What was palestrina’s contribution in composing kyrie?
he respected the counter- reformations demand for respect for the mass texts

Maddalena casualana
professional musician who published 3 volumes of madrigals

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