5th Grade Poetry Unit

Compares two things by presenting them as being almost identical

Silly or nonsensical rhymes; the first, second and fifth lines have to rhyme

Started in Japan; 1700s; the first line and the third line have to have five syllables, and the second line has seven syllables

Invented Words
Words that are made up by the poet

Free Verse
When a poem is written without a pattern or rhyme

Nonsense Poems
Poems that have silly rhymes that don’t always make sense, to entertain the reader

When a poet uses the same word more than once in a line or poem

Rhyming Verse
When words end with the same sound

Traditional Poetry
The authors of these are unknown; passed down to generation to generation

A group of lines in a poem, usually related to each other; poem paragraph

It compares one thing to another; using like or as

When a word sounds like the noise or sound that it stand for it ex. BOOM

When a writer describes something that is not human, as having qualities, or capabilities, that are human

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