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Urgent care facilities act as medical centers outside of hospitals and full-sized clinics. Effectively an emergency room with a small staff and limited equipment, urgent care facilities must always take each patient's needs seriously and provide rapid yet precise medical services. Failing to do so could constitute a breach in a patient-doctor relationship and be considered medical malpractice.

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Medical Errors in Urgent Care Facilities

As an urgent care facility is a small hospital in practicality, any of the acts of negligence that can occur in a hospital setting can occur within an urgent care facility. Furthermore, the lack of oversight from a large corporate entity or institution, as is common in hospitals, could make an urgent care facility more prone to making serious errors when helping patients. Anyone seeking assistance at an urgent care center must be aware of potential errors, keep an eye out of any troubling signs, and make a record of possible negligence that they witness.

Medical malpractice that can occur within an urgent care facility could include:

  • Clerical error: Mixing up patient files and records may seem like a harmless mistake, but it can be the direct and sole cause of irreversible patient injury, like incorrect surgeries or mixed up medications.
  • Delayed treatment: Functioning as a form of emergency room, urgent care facilities are expected to act with urgency, as the name suggest. Failing to take care of a patient in a reasonable amount of time, based on their injury or condition, is medical malpractice.
  • Misdiagnosis or Failure to Diagnose: An urgent care doctor has the task of correctly diagnosing the health conditions and problems of each patient that steps through the doors. Misdiagnosis occurs when a condition goes unnoticed, is diagnosed as something else, or is successfully diagnosed only after multiple visits.
  • Prescription error: Although an urgent care center might not have an attached pharmacy to fulfil prescriptions, its doctors and physicians on staff can still recommend prescriptions in some cases. If an incorrect prescription medicine is given to a patient, or the wrong dosage is prescribed, it could lead to serious injury.
  • Surgical error: When time is of the essence, an urgent care facility may even attempt emergency surgeries to help a patient. If the surgeons on staff are not qualified or comfortable with a procedure, it should not be done, as this could harm to patient more than help them.

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Patients hurt in urgent care facilities are often dealt many blows: not only to their health, but also to their finances on wasted and future treatments. Our Phoenix medical malpractice lawyers can fight diligently on your behalf, in and out of the courtroom, to ensure you are fully and fairly compensated for any injury you sustained at an urgent care facility

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