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Medical Malpractice Lawyer for Victims of Surgical Negligence

It is important to have respected and experienced attorneys on your side when you seek compensation for a serious or fatal surgical error or other injuries caused by medical malpractice. Doctors and hospitals have powerful legal resources dedicated to protecting them, even when they make avoidable errors that cause injury or wrongful death. It takes an attorney with extensive skill and knowledge to hold a medical professional or facility accountable for a disastrous surgical or medical error. If you believe that you have suffered harm at the hands of a careless, inexperienced or negligent surgeon, it is imperative that you secure the assistance of a Phoenix surgical error lawyer as soon as possible.

Experienced Advocacy in Surgical Error Lawsuits

The medical malpractice trial attorneys at Palumbo Wolfe & Palumbo have decades of litigation experience and an unparalleled record of success in representing Arizona victims of surgery errors, including:

  • Unnecessary procedures or wrong site surgery
  • Improper monitoring of a patient's condition during surgery
  • Anesthesia errors or other operating room mistakes
  • Nicked or severed nerves or blood vessels due to surgical error
  • Surgical instruments left in a patient
  • Postoperative infection or other complications of surgery

We find highly respected medical specialists to help us understand the exact nature of the surgical or medical error that caused the injury or death, and other experts to calculate the cost of future care and treatment. To discuss your options and a plan for moving forward with a malpractice lawsuit, you can contact a respected trial lawyer at our Phoenix office today. The consultation is free. We receive no payment unless we obtain a financial settlement or judgment in your surgical error case. When a surgical mistake proves fatal, we can provide experienced and dedicated representation in a wrongful death lawsuit. 

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