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Nurses play an important role in hospitals and all types of medical facilities. They are often responsible for patient comfort and care and carry out the instructions of the attending physician. They do anything from administering medication to conveying a patient's complaints of pain or other symptoms to the doctor on the case. Nursing malpractice can have tragic, even fatal, consequences for a patient.

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Types of Nurse Errors and Malpractice

There are numerous different types of nurse errors and malpractice that may cause injury or the wrongful death of a patient. This may include:

  • Failing to respond to a patient's request for help
  • Administering the wrong medication or wrong dose to a patient
  • Failing to identify a patient's emergent condition and immediately notify a physician
  • Incorrectly carrying out a doctor's orders
  • Providing poor pre or post-operative care
  • Failing to properly monitor a patient

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Processing a nursing error claim is difficult. These cases involve technical matters that require expertise to determine what action or inaction caused a nurse to provide negligent care or treatment.  That is why we employ numerous full-time nurses on our staff.  With our resources and familiarity with these cases, we can thoroughly investigate your claim to determine whether you have a viable claim.

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