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Did an anesthesiologist's error cause you injury?

If an anesthesiologist in a Phoenix hospital or other medical facility in Arizona caused you injury, or caused the loss of a loved one, a medical malpractice lawyer at our law firm can help. At Palumbo Wolfe & Palumbo we offer unsurpassed experience to clients throughout Arizona and the greater Phoenix area who have suffered injury or lost a family member as the result of any form of anesthesia malpractice. We are dedicated to preserving our clients' rights and holding the medical professional or facility accountable for their conduct.

Anesthesia, whether local or general, is required for surgical procedures and certain other types of medical care where the patient is going to experience pain. Local anesthesia targets a certain area of the body while general anesthesia targets the entire body. General anesthesia is complicated and requires knowledge and training regarding the proper dosage amounts to put a patient under and keep him or her unconscious during an entire procedure. It also requires careful monitoring of a patient through the procedure should any complications arise.

Anesthesia Errors and Malpractice in Phoenix

Whether it be through distraction, inexperience or incompetence, an error by an anesthesiologist can cause catastrophic injury or death to a patient. Our firm handles all types of medical malpractice claims related to anesthesia, including:

  • Failure to properly monitor a patient during surgery
  • Inappropriate dose of anesthesia
  • Wrong type of anesthesia medication
  • Failure to review a patient's chart to discover an allergy to anesthesia
  • Inappropriate administration of oxygen during surgery
  • Anesthesiologist working under the influence of alcohol or drugs

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